Welcome to the 2020 Top Tier Holiday Shopping Guide! We have organized a shopping list from the latest consumer start-ups within the Top Tier portfolio. It has become essential this year for consumer start-ups to offer online products or services and we hope you will all be able to find a technology-driven gift from one of our latest consumer categories. Please enjoy our list below, and we suggest that you order ahead of time in case of any delays this year. E-commerce is not a category we are betting against this holiday season!

Future gives you access to a remote personal coach


Whoop Strap 3.0 is the latest wearable sensor that rivals the Apple Watch

Whoop Strap 3.0

Magic Mind is a productivity drink

Magic Mind

The gym of the future returned to your home with sweaty in-person fitness classes becoming unavailable this year. Future gives you access to a remote personal coach (a real person!) who builds training plans customized to your skills and goals. The Whoop Strap 3.0 is the latest wearable sensor that rivals the Apple Watch, which excels in sleep and recovery data in addition to the standard fitness tracking capabilities. Magic Mind is a productivity drink that lets you say goodbye to the negatives that come with traditional coffee and energy drinks. Each shot contains a combination of 12 active ingredients designed to stimulate focus, creativity, energy, and motivation while decreasing stress, oxidation, and inflammation in the body.

Food & Drink

Shef has a multi-cultural meal delivery app


Trade Coffee is an online coffee marketplace experience

Trade Coffee

Vivino’s online wine marketplace and wine-rating app


Delivery in the age of quarantine has become essential; check out some of our new favorite food and drink companies that deliver right to your door. Shef has a multi-cultural meal delivery app that sources meals from cooks in local communities. The service provides an opportunity for many restaurant employees negatively impacted this year to continue making meals for their customers. Trade Coffee is an online coffee marketplace experience that will match you with coffee roasters throughout the U.S. Vivino’s online wine marketplace and wine-rating app opens up the world of wine.

Home Goods

Oda Speakers help bring live music inside the house

Oda Speakers

Rise Gardens is a hydroponic garden

Rise Gardens

The Always Pan is a stylish pan

The Always Pan

Our personal spaces have become reimagined as our daily routines have become centered around our homes. Oda Speakers help bring live music inside the house. They are a pair of speakers that grant access to an exclusive membership for live performances, perfect for any concert lover. Rise Gardens is a hydroponic garden that allows you to grow fresh herbs and veggies indoors year-round. The Always Pan is a stylish pan that will be your go-to because it can replace several traditional cookware pieces.

Kids & Pets

The Fi Dog Collar is a GPS smart dog collar

Fi Dog Collar

Owlet Sock is the first baby monitor to track your baby’s oxygen level and heart rate while they sleep

Owlet Sock

Wonderbly creates and publishes personalized storybooks for children


We are seeing the same broad consumer trends verticalize specific demographics. Please check out our kids and pets section for the latest data-tracking, personalized, healthy, and sustainable gifts. The Fi Dog Collar is a GPS smart dog collar that will allow you to track your dog’s location. The Owlet Sock is the first baby monitor to track your baby’s oxygen level and heart rate while they sleep. Wonderbly creates and publishes personalized storybooks for children.

Apparel, Fashion & Beauty

Atoms Shoes are both minimalist and comfortable

Atoms Shoes

Beauty Pie is a direct-to-consumer cosmetics line

Beauty Pie

ManiMe delivers stick-on gel nails that are laser-cut to fit


E-commerce has continued to evolve in all categories, with many retailers embracing a digital-first strategy. Atoms Shoes are both minimalist and comfortable, perfect for everyday use. Beauty Pie is a direct-to-consumer cosmetics line that sells high-quality makeup and skincare via a membership model. ManiMe delivers stick-on gel nails that are laser-cut to fit the customer’s nail shape based on photos uploaded when ordering online.


Blinkist offers audiobooks or short podcast lessons for folks who want to learn and read through key ideas in 15 minutes


ProGuides brings coaching and skill development into the gaming world


VanMoof offers high tech electric bicycles and has a mission to redefine city mobility forever


2020 accelerated many developing consumer trends. With less travel, shorter commutes, and more time,  many have used it for productivity or have picked up a new hobby. Blinkist offers audiobooks or short podcast lessons for folks who want to learn and read through key ideas in 15 minutes. ProGuides brings coaching and skill development into the gaming world with its content and coaches’ platform, helping gamers develop their talents. VanMoof offers high tech electric bicycles and has a mission to redefine city mobility forever.

Extended List

Still haven’t found what you’re looking for? Check out our extended list below! 


Allbirds Tree Dashers Allbirds’ new running shoe https://www.allbirds.com/products/
Argent Work-wear for women https://argentwork.com/
Atoms Shoes Comfortable, everyday shoes https://www.atoms.com/why-atoms/ 
Autumn Adeigbo Women’s apparel and accessories with a made-to-order flair https://autumnadeigbo.com/collections/all
Bulletin Curated marketplace for women’s clothing brands https://bulletin.co/brands
Bump Authentic sneaker marketplace https://www.sobump.com/
Carbon 38 Functional activewear and progressive street style http://www.carbon38.com/
Choosy Clothes inspired by what is trending on social media https://getchoosy.com/
Coedition Plus-sized women’s clothing https://coedition.com/
GOAT Online footwear marketplace intended to buy and sell sneakers online http://www.goat.com/
Hylete Premium athletic apparel https://www.hylete.com/ 
Jack Erwin Designer men and women’s dress shoes https://www.jackerwin.com/ 
Mejuri Handcrafted, ethically sourced, and made to last fine jewelry https://mejuri.com/
MeUndies World’s most comfortable underwear http://meundies.com/
Outfittery Fashion box for men https://www.outfittery.de/
Rebag Luxury hand bags and accessories marketplace https://rebag.com/
Seasons Men’s rental clothing membership https://www.seasons.nyc/
StockX Online sneaker and streetwear marketplace https://stockx.com/sneakers


Beauty Pie Beauty products membership https://www.beautypie.com/us/members-favorites
Eighteen B B-Silk protein skincare products https://www.eighteenb.com/collections
Haus Beauty Lady Gaga branded cosmetics https://www.hauslabs.com/
Kinship Clean and cruelty-free skincare products https://lovekinship.com/collections/gifts
Love From Yours Skincare Set Day & night skincare Set  https://lovefromyours.com/products/yours-day-night-skincare-set
ManiMe At home, quick and easy gel sticker manicure replacements http://www.manime.co/
Mayvenn Marketplace for hair extensions www.shop.mayvenn.com
Symbiome Scientifically formulated skincare products https://www.symbiome.com/shop


8fit Health and fitness app for efficient workouts, customized meal plans, and self-care guidance https://8fit.com/
Ample Foods Meal-replacement drinks and powders https://www.amplemeal.com/
Asana Rebel Yoga-inspired health and fitness app https://www.asanarebel.com/en/
ClassPass Boutique a la carte fitness classes nationwide  https://classpass.com/gifts/purchase
Daily Synbiotic Next-gen microbiome supplement https://shop.seed.com/products/daily-synbiotic 
FIIT Subscription-based workout https://fiit.tv/
Future Fit 1 on 1 remote personal training https://www.future.fit/
Hypervolt Muscle recovery device https://hyperice.com/hypervolt 
Keyto Breath sensor for Ketosis and weight loss https://shop.getkeyto.com/products/keyto-breath-sensor
KOS Plant-based proteins and supplements https://kos.com/ 
Kyoku Personalized active nutrition https://kyoku.com/ 
Magic Mind The world’s first productivity drink https://magicmind.co/ 
Noom Psychology-based weight loss app https://www.noom.com/#/ 
Peloton Tread Treadmill and on-demand running classes https://www.onepeloton.com/treads
The Good Wellness patches, designed to deliver sustained relief  https://thegoodpatch.com/
Tonal Smart home gym https://www.tonal.com/
Urban Sports Club Fitness memberships in Europe  https://urbansportsclub.com/en
Whoop Strap 3.0 Personalized fitness membership and smart-band https://www.whoop.com/membership/ 
YFood Nutrition brand for a modern lifestyle (Germany) https://www.yfood.eu/
Zwift Indoor and online gamified cycling platform https://zwift.com/


CleanCo Low and no alcohol spirits https://clean.co/collections/shop
Crowd Cow High-quality meat and seafood products https://www.crowdcow.com/
Eclipse Foods Plant-based ice cream https://shop.eclipsefoods.com/
Equal Parts High-quality cooking essentials https://equalparts.com/
Halter Ranch A Top Tier favorite winery https://www.halterranch.com/
Jow French grocery delivery and menu planning app https://jow.fr/
Kin Social Tonics Mood-defining drinks https://www.kineuphorics.com/
Magic Spoon Direct-to-consumer keto cereal http://www.magicspoon.com/
Pact Coffee Coffee subscription and delivery in the UK https://www.pactcoffee.com/
Partake Foods Delicious and healthy cookies http://www.partakefoods.com/
Shef Marketplace for home-cooked meals https://shef.com/
Trade Coffee Coffee and coffee accessories from top roasters in the U.S. https://www.drinktrade.com/coffee/all-coffee 
Urban Remedy Fresh & organic ready-to-eat meals, juices, and snacks https://urbanremedy.com/ 
Vicampo Online marketplace for wine (Germany) https://www.vicampo.de/
Vivino Online wine marketplace https://www.vivino.com/
Wine In Black Online premium wines (Germany) https://www.wine-in-black.de/


Abodu Backyard rental or vacation homes http://www.abodu.com/
Aura Digital Picture Frame https://auraframes.com/digital-frames/
Bloomscape Indoor plants and delivered to your door https://bloomscape.com/
Causebox Seasonal beauty and home-goods subscription boxes form socially conscious brands https://causebox.com/
Control4 Smart-home entertainment devices https://www.control4.com/
Grove Collaborative Sustainable home essentials  https://www.grove.co/g/how-grove-works/
Hatch Restore Smart light and sounds for better sleep https://www.hatch.co/restore
Infinite Objects Digital frames designed to create physical expressions for digital content http://www.infiniteobjects.com/
Lick Home Designer paint, wallpaper, and blinds https://www.lickhome.com/
Loop Smart digital photo frame https://www.loopfamily.com/
Made Furniture and home goods from independent designers https://www.made.com/
Oda Speakers Speakers + seasonal live music program https://shop.oda.co/oda/
Open Spaces Home organizing essentials https://getopenspaces.com/
Pamono Distinctively designed furniture, lighting, and decorative accessories https://www.pamono.com/
Rise Gardens Hydroponic indoor gardens for your home https://risegardens.com/
The Always Pan Traditional, multi-functional cooking pan https://fromourplace.com/products/always-essential-cooking-pan
The Sill Indoor plants delivered to your door https://www.thesill.com/ 
W&P Stylish and reusable food containers and cocktail kits https://wandpdesign.com/collections


Birdie Kick Non-electric kick powered scooter https://shop.bird.co/products/birdie
Dyper Eco-friendly diapers https://dyper.com/store/diapers
Epic!  Subscription-based platform for audiobooks and videos for children https://www.getepic.com/
Good Buy Gear Second-hand baby, toddler, and kid gear marketplace https://goodbuygear.com/ 
Lingokids Early childhood language app and games https://lingokids.com/
Owlet Sock Infant health monitor and camera https://owletcare.com/
Wonderbly Personalized children books https://www.wonderbly.com/personalized-products
ZipSchool Live group online classes for K-6 students http://www.zipschool.com/


Fi Dog Collar Smart location tracking dog collar  http://www.tryfi.com/
Fuzzy Subscription-based personalized pet care products https://www.yourfuzzy.com/
Merry Woofmas Dog Toy Set Christmas festive set of plush toys  https://store.rover.com/collections/seasonal-gifts/products/merry-woofmas-dog-toy-set
NomNomNow Healthy and fresh dog and cat food delivered to your door https://www.nomnomnow.com/
Ollie Pets Dog food that humans could eat https://www.myollie.com/
Smalls Healthy wholesome cat food https://www.smalls.com/
Wild One High-quality dog essentials https://wildone.com/collections/kit-and-save


Art of Sport Personal care brand for athletes https://artofsport.com/ 
Coa Mental and emotional fitness classes led by therapists https://www.joincoa.com/classes
EightSleep Pod Temperature controlled smart mattress https://www.eightsleep.com/eight-pod-sleep-cool/
Meditopia Mindfulness and meditation app that allows you to meditate in your own language https://meditopia.com/en/
Natalist Fertility and pregnancy products http://www.natalist.com/
Shine Daily mindfulness app https://www.theshineapp.com/
Talkspace Online therapists https://try.talkspace.com/
Ten Percent Happier Daily meditation coach https://www.tenpercent.com/
Touchland Personal use, scented hand sanitizers https://touchland.com/ 
Willow Wearable breast pump https://shop.willowpump.com/pages/buy 


Cosi Apartment rental for modern travelers https://www.cosi-group.com/en
Hipcamp Airbnb for campers https://www.hipcamp.com/
Inspirato Luxury vacation club https://www.inspirato.com/
Journy Custom itinerary planning https://www.gojourny.com/
Resort Pass Pool, spa, and amenity access at luxurious hotels https://www.resortpass.com/
Tourlane Expert-made dream vacations https://www.tourlane.de/


Beek Audiobook platform http://www.beek.io/
Bird Air Foldable electric scooter https://shop.bird.co/products/bird-air 
Blinkist Mobile subscription service for 15-minute book summaries https://www.blinkist.com/
Cake Osa Electric off-road motorbikes https://ridecake.com/en/bikes-osa
Cameo Personalized video shout outs from athletes, actors, and influencers http://www.cameo.com/
Courant Catch:1 Wireless charging device https://staycourant.com/products/catch-2
Drop Community inspired audio, apparel, and tech products https://drop.com/
Epidemic Sound Professional music library subscription for content creators https://www.epidemicsound.com/
HipComic Comic book marketplace https://www.hipcomic.com/ 
Horizn Studios Smart luggage and travel accessories https://horizn-studios.com/en/
Knowable Lecture-style audio courses https://knowable.fyi/
Moment House Ticketed digital live experiences for connecting fans to musical artists https://www.momenthouse.com/ 
ProGuides Premium and on-demand video game coaching https://www.proguides.com/  
Saatchi Art Online art gallery https://www.saatchiart.com/
Sandbox VR A live mall-based virtual reality experience https://sandboxvr.com/
Shaper Smart handheld cutting tool https://www.shapertools.com/en-us/
Sorare Digital soccer trading card collectibles and fantasy football game https://sorare.com/
Tilt Five Holographic tabletop game https://tilt-five.backerkit.com/hosted_preorders 
VanMoof Electric bikes https://www.vanmoof.com/en-US

What do you think? We welcome your views on these gift ideas and look forward to hearing about some of your own online gift resources. Please let us know via Twitter: @TTCP_SF.

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